Interview with Femke Doove

We all have forgotten memories

Think about how the light always shone through the curtains of a home you used to live in and left a shade of patterns. You maybe have looked at this for years, and now never think of this detail anymore. The book ‘voor nu en nog eens’ (for now and again) is about the collective memories that a group of sisters carry with them of their childhood home. My focus is directed to the surroundings of significance to them. It’s not about showing the transience of a place but the attention is focused on holding on to, and the meaning of memories to these people.

Can you introduce your work in general?

Family lines and the places we bond with as humans are common subjects in my photographic work. With a narrative approach, I try to get hold of something fundamental about a fragmented world in which the image refers to the passage of time.

The work is often executed in poetic, associative and often symbolic images and series. The performance is often a combination of documentary images and staged images.

Can you say something about the editing of your book? Did you work alone? Did you work with an image editor and designer?

In the book, I combine images so that you have to experience them together instead of on their own. In photography, editing and text I wanted to keep an instinctive similar approach. The rhythm and the poetic atmosphere included.

I worked together with Eva van Schaik from Inedition graphic design. And with Karianne Bueno and Ellen Sanders as image editors.

What do you expect the viewer experience when they look at your book?

Those details i mentioned earlier are still somewhere in your mind, it meant something to you, if only because the memory is yours. But these are things you can not pack up in boxes to take with you and look at again after some time. When you pick up and scroll through this photo book, I hope you will step through a window and find a way to return to a place of your own memories.

How do you see this book in the bigger frame of your work?

I like to make memory-books for people who are going to have to leave a place of value and want to take some of their memories with them.

Sometimes because someone physically leaves a place by moving, but when someone is slowly moving away due to dementia it can be very helpful as well to look at pictures with a meaning. It might even have positive effects on the mind. Especially in this last case, the editing is of great importance, the combination of photos can tricker something in the brain I believe.

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