Irminia Lentjes

Irminia Lentjes (1963) has a master’s degree in Journalism, worked for 20 years as a researcher for Dutch Television and graduated in 2017 at Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Her work has been shown in exhibitions such as Fotofestival Naarden (solo) and New Dutch Photography 2018.

She was shortlisted for Unseen Photo Festival Dummy Award for her book ‘Peacocks don’t die‘, presented at Polycopies during Paris Photo with ‘My name Sue, how do you do? ‘, and awarded for The Dark Room Pitch for her ongoing project ‘(not) meant to be’.

Her work is always based on a feeling of displacement. It is leading in the approach to her work. This displacement manifests itself in many forms. It’s about loneliness, restlessness, melancholy, a longing for what never has been. It’s about freedom, about longing for other worlds. It’s about wonder and admiration.

The work often finds its origin in current events, she is averse to a distant and objectifying attitude towards her subjects.

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