My Name Sue, How Do You Do?

I met her in the summer of 2017. Sue, 38, single mother living with her 2 children in a one room apartment in Denpasar, Bali. Years ago she started as a masseuse. Due to arthrosis she had to switch to another job. Now she’s trying to make a living as a nail stylist on the beach.

I surrendered myself to her hands for an hour. ‘Nice massage, nice manicure,’ – the only words spoken.

I invited myself to Sue’s house. I traded 1 hour for 24 hours, witnessed her life. The book ‘My Name Sue’ is a tribute to the ladies of Seminyak Beach.

Title: My Name Sue, How Do You Do?
Photography and text: Irminia Lentjes
Edit: Irminia Lentjes/ Ellen Sanders/ JP van der Stouwe
Design: Suze Swarte
Binding: Agia & Lith, Japanese binding
Printed: De Fotobakkerij
Paper: Rice paper Hahnemühle, 100 g, black inked
Cover: Bamboo Hahnemühle, 290 g
Format: 18 x 14 cm