Peacocks Don’t Die

Excerpt from the letter to Rijk: …It was decided at that very moment: this situation is untenable, a woman of 89 alone in a farm. The evacuation has been accelerated.

The peacocks went first. Then, the goat, Harry the cat, the gooses. Finally your mother. A few weeks later your stuff. In the meantime the farm was knocked down, there’s nothing left, not a single stone.

What began as a photo documentary, slightly activist – you and your mother who fought against the government, in the hope of keeping your house – peacochas become the story of Jannie’s year of farewell. From you, her animals, her house, and finally her memory too.

Selected for Unseen Dummy Award in 2017

Title: Peacocks don’t die/Pauwen Sterven Niet
Photography en text: Irminia Lentjes
Design: Great Graphic Design
Edit: Irminia Lentjes/Joost van den Broek
Format: 47 x 32 cm
Binding: Agia & Lith, Japanese stitched



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