Maktak and Gasoline


Title: Maktak and Gasoline
Photographer: Ellis Doeven
Publishing date: April 2018
Text: Ellis Doeven
Language: English

Design: -SYB- Sybren Kuiper
Lithography: Colour & Books – Sebastiaan Hanekroot
Printing: Wilco Art-Books Amersfoort
Binding: FopmaWier

Edition: 700 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 230 x 170 x 22 mm
Pages: 190
Cover: hardcover
ISBN: 978 90 828465 0 8

Price: €42,50
Shipping cost: €7,50 (Netherlands)




Maktak and Gasoline documents the small community of whalers in Point Hope, an Inuit settlement in Alaska. The fact that photographer Ellis Doeven found love there – she had a child with the local whaler Othniel Art Oomittuk Jr. – is perhaps the reason why the portrait of the community in the harsh Arctic environment has become so loving and warm, without any sentimentality.

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