Am viață – I have life


Title: Am viață – I have life
Photographer: Sandra Minten
Publishing date: 2018
Language: English

Design: Studio Suze Swarte
Lithography: Lenoir Schuring
Printing: Lenoir Schuring
Binding: Agia & Lith

Edition: 125 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 165 x 225 mm
Pages: 128
Cover: Soft cover
ISBN: 978-90-822415-8-7

Price: €29,95
Shipping cost: €4,10 (Netherlands)




“Am viață – I have life” portrays a Roma family story. It shows the existence of three generations living together in a small room. I photograph the main characters from all angles and positions so I can capture emotions, discover characters and expose relationships. Like this I experience the deepest connection and I try to get to the hearts of the people. Three generations portrayed in full life; a story about a family that has more in common with us than we think at first sight.

If the proximity in time and space is so great, is it possible to live a self-determined life or is autonomy an illusion?