Interview with Pascale Hustings

My snippet #1 called ‘Tinseltown’ is out into the world, I love the idea that now you too can enjoy this beautiful little story. I do hope it makes you smile.

There really was a sense of anticipation in making Tinseltown. When I heard the story of Manolis and the letter he wrote to Kirk Douglas in Hollywood, telling him how much they looked alike, I wanted to recreate it in my own poetic way. I captured the sense of magic I had already felt so many times wandering around on Manolis’ island. The pictures I made during a longer period suddenly fell into place: it felt like a booklet from the first moment I started folding dummy’s in my studio, printing photo’s on crazy sheets of papers, crossing fingers my printer would hold on.

‘Tinseltown’ is a side project I made together with Suze Swarte, while we are working together on my latest project. The idea of snippets in the form of small booklets is a very nice way for me to show my smaller projects in book form, coming together like a series of similar but unique works, to collect during time. ‘Tinseltown’ is snippet# 1, winter 2019. More to come, I promise!

How do you see this book in the bigger frame of your work?

I work on my projects, installations and different forms of exhibitions for longer periods. If a story or project develops and needs it, I make a book dummy, always looking to find the best way to tell it. I love editing, because the subtle way photographs can suggest, deceive, and intertwine together is a source of excitement for me as a maker and what inspires me most about the medium.
My overall theme is about the investigation of memories, using photographic concepts of time, place and scale in an imaginary world.


’21 NYX BLVD’ is a journey through a fictive address, where the sense of lack and emptiness creates a new world. The interior is not on the right scale, the exterior appears to be without depth and fantasy scenery seems reality. In photographing thus I strive to appeal to our visual ability to orientate ourselves, I question how we relate to our perception within an imaginary world. For me, the feel of uniqueness, to be found in this book by the use of polaroids, the hand cutting- forms of pages and the use of translucent paper to reveal more layers in the story is of great importance. It is my search for identity and a translation of homelessness, disruption and detachment.


Currently, I’m working on my new project: ‘Changeling’. This will also be a book, again in collaboration with Suze Swarte, I like working with her very much, we share the love for collecting; whether objects, ideas or memories. ‘Changeling’ is a very promising project, I already won several awards with the photos I want to be in the book. I expect the book to be printed in the early spring of 2020.


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