Jet van Gaal

Jet van Gaal is an Amsterdam based fine art photographer.
In her work, she aims to uncover our vulnerability and open up our eyes to details that are
often overlooked or labeled by society as imperfect.
She finds inspiration in both humans and nature, duality and diversity.
By changing perspective and shifting focus,
Jet’s photography moves beyond the outside and draws you within,
revealing a new reality characterized by penetrating strength and beauty.
It is here, where she wants people to find the human commonality that transcends appearance, background, race, and culture.

Jet’s journey into photography started in 2013. But it was only in 2016 that
she realized that the company she had built was not fulfilling her dreams and decided to
pursue photography full time. She graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2018.
In 2019 her work Blueprint – Your skin is the blueprint of your life was nominated
for the Dupho SO Student Award. That same year, it was published
in Fresh Eyes by GUP Magazine, the national newspaper (Het Parool)
exhibited during the art-route in Haarlem (Gallery Zocherlounge) and the Photography Festival of Naarden.