Justus de Rode

As I grew up surrounded by my father’s paintings, playing around in his workspace, I subconsciously linked art practise to painting. It took me until 2018 to realise other mediums could suffice to utter my feelings. From then on, I started as auto-didact, working mostly with black and white film. My work since then has been mostly expressive, trying to capture or translate feelings of which imagination through words is inadequate, sometimes in a painterly manner. The medium of photography has become my main means to digest life, often picturing personal themes in the realm of trauma and mental health. With my work I aim to capture what trauma feels like, but also to gain better understanding of how the wound of trauma works, looking at what triggers it, at the resulting pain itself and how to cope. With my work and, Godspeed in specific, I try to make trauma and mental health more discussable. Besides, by doing so, I simultaneously help myself in coping with it.

Name: Justus de Rode
Address: Maarten Harpertszoon Trompstraat 30-1
Phone: 0634923342
Email:  justusderode@gmail.com
Instagram: @der0de
Website: justusderode.com
Bank: NL39RABO0300853971
Book: Godspeed
Authors: Justus de Rode, Dennis Reitsma en Jean-Michel Mabruki Mussa

prijs van het boek 25€

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