A Woman’s Face


Title: A Woman’s Face
Photography: Alex Ploeger

Publishing date: May 2023
Language: Dutch / English

Graphic design: Alex Ploeger
Printing: Pantheon Drukkers
Binding: FopmaWier Boekbinderij

Edition: 80 copies in a one-time edition (signed & numbered)
Size: 150 mm x 200 mm
Cover: soft cover

Price: € 32,00
Shipping cost: € 4,15 (Netherlands)




A Woman’s Face is about the struggle with one’s own body, which cannot always be seen from the outside.
What is bodily experience? And how much does a negative self-image influence my life? By using my own body as a canvas, the internal struggle with myself becomes visible.
The process of fading away, erasing, manipulating, reveals to me how I actually see myself. It shows the pain of not accepting.

About my work:
My work is inspired by my own experiences that I explore by physically editing my images and experimenting with different materials.
An important element in this process is working from my archive full of experiments and fragments of my environment.
By looking back at my own work, I better understand how I deal with certain events and experiences. My work often arises intuitively in which emotion plays an important role.