Siberian Exiles Part 1 – Lithuania


Title: Siberian Exiles Part 1 – Lithuania
Photographer: Claudia Heinermann
Publishing date: March 2020
Text: Claudia Heinermann
Language: English

Design: SYB
Lithography: Raimundas Austinskas
Printing: KOPA

Edition: 1000 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 170 x 110 x 240 mm
Pages: 818
Cover: 5 hardcover books plus 1 index in a box
ISBN: 978-90-814089-4-3

Price: € 85
Shipping cost: € 7 (Netherlands)




‘Siberian Exiles’ is the first part of a trilogy about the deportations from the Baltic States to Siberia under the Soviet regime and focuses on the experiences of six Lithuanian survivors who were deported as children to the Laptev Sea above the polar circle. In 1941, their families were sent to the Altai region and in 1942, they were moved, along with three thousand other Lithuanians, to the delta of the Lena River to build up a fishing industry.

This publication contains drawings, archive photos and interviews with the eyewitnesses. Claudia Heinermann travelled to the Altai and Yakutia in search of traces of this remarkable chapter in history and recorded what she encountered there: the landscape of these remote areas, the villages, the culture, and the indigenous people with their still vivid memories of the time under Stalin.

This book is a journey through history and has become a story about oppression, abuse of power and crimes against humanity. It is also a story about a people who refused to be broken and to give up their identity and culture. It is about human resilience and the will to survive.

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