Un Natural Species


Title: Un Natural Species
Photographer: Karola Jansen
Publishing date: 2020
Text: Karola Jansen
Language: English

Design: Studio Suze Swarte
Lithography: Zwaan Lenoir Schuring
Printing: Zwaan Lenoir Schuring
Binding: Patis, Den Dolder

Edition: 240 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 180 x 265 x 10 mm
Pages: 80
Cover: softcover
ISBN: 978-90-830463-0-3

Price: €20,00 including shipping cost




In the book Un Natural Species, Karola Jansen illustrates that plastic, an artificial product, merges with nature and is part of our lives. As plastic is so integrated into our lives, a combination of fusion and integration can be seen on the photos. Without speaking of the dangers of plastic and the environmental issues associated therewith, she wants this artificial material to be looked at with wonder. With her book, Jansen shows the paradox of plastic. The contrast between beautiful and ugly, useful and polluting, tangible and elusive. Plastic speaks and tells its own story.

Wherever you are of however you look, the confrontation with plastic is everywhere. How long will it take before plastic has conquered a place in nature? And that you come across plastic fungi, plastic species in various shapes and forms?

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