Why I Cry On Airplanes


Title: Why I Cry On Airplanes
Photographer: Koen Suidgeest
Publishing date: January 2020
Text: Koen Suidgeest
Language: English

Design: Sybren Kuiper
Lithography: Sebastiaan Hanekroot, Colour & Books
Printing: Danieels (Belgie)
Binding: Danieels (Belgie)

Edition: 600
Size: 244 x 162 x 40 mm
Pages: 272
Cover: hardcover
Price: €37,50
Shipping cost: €6,75 (Netherlands)




As a documentary filmmaker I often work with people who face in extreme challenges. Yet despite people’s hardship, I am generally not overcome by strong emotions until I board the flight home. Why is that? Why not sooner?

In Why I Cry On Airplanes you will be taken on a visual flight around the globe to meet resilient human beings who live under challenging conditions. The book spans fifteen years of personal photography from all corners of the world.