Remembering Relics


Photography: Pieter Bas Bouwman
Publishing date: 2023
Text: Pieter Bas Bouwman & Alexander Visser
Language: English

Graphic design: Pieter Bas Bouwman & Matt de Groot

Edition: 300 copies in a one-time edition, signed
Size: 300 x 245 mm
Cover: Hard cover

Price: € 72
Shipping cost: € 10 (Netherlands)




“Where there is life, there is conflict, where there is life, there will be struggle.”

Organisms all around the world, share the same objective of reproduction and continuance of their species: survival, inherently conflictual. It is this hunger for survival that has created the

abundance of diversity on our beautiful planet, where species continuously have had to adapt and adjust to ever changing circumstances. Western modern thought, however, with its

‘survival of the fittest-ideology’, has induced this justifying fallacy among mankind where we see survival as a zero-sum game – for every survivor, someone or something must perish.

One could say that it is this way of thinking that has accelerated our rise to the top of the proverbial food chain, and that this has brought great prosperity for humanity. But – and I

am not the first to say this – with great power, comes great responsibility. And now that we are here, at the top of our self-conceived food chain, we should ask ourselves whether the

answer to conflict and struggle is feud and confrontation, or that maybe, the fittest, are simply the ones who collaborate best.”