Soft Landings


Title: Soft Landings
Photography: Violaine Chapallaz
Text: Marte Boneschansker
Publishing date: November 2022
Language: Dutch
Graphic design: Suze Swarte
Printing: De Klijm
Binding: Yellow pamphlet stitch by De Klijm

Edition: 125 copies in a one-time edition (signed & numbered)
Size: 210 mm x 265 mm
Cover: soft cover wrapt in A2 numbered Riso print


Price: € 35,00
Shipping cost: € 4,60 (Netherlands)




Soft Landings is a series that Violaine Chapallaz created during the pandemic together with her longstanding muse and collaborator Marte Boneschansker. Starring several old mattresses – soft landing places full of the life of others – the series explores and embraces grief: about holding close and cuddling, about being alone and still feeling embraced. About the imprints of lost loved ones, the empty spaces in the bed, about naked and open mourning for all that is lost. About how we all try to hold onto something, and about letting go.

‘I’m going to let you go so soon. And so embarrassingly soft.’ Nina Simone, Feelings (1976).