Wat zal blijven / Cosa rimarrà


Title: Wat zal blijven / Cosa rimarrà / What will remain
Photographer: Tatiana Della Vedova
Publishing date: December 2019
Text: Tatiana Della Vedova
Language: Dutch, Italian

Design: Studio Asja Keeman
Lithography: Menno Bartelse
Printing: Raddraaier b.v. Amsterdam

Edition: 50 copies in a one-time edition (signed  & numbered)
Size: 190 x 230 x 10 mm
Pages: 100
Cover: Softcover
ISBN: 978-90-9032632-0

Price: €35
Shipping cost: €4,60 (Netherlands)



This book is about how people feel connected to their home country for a long time. That even after several generations the connection to the homeland remains, and that it only slowly fades. It’s about the feeling of being at home in both places without completely belonging to either one of them. About the wish of holding on and the inevitability of needing to let go.