Title: vergetelheid
Photography: Amy Meijer
Publishing date: August 2023

Language: Dutch
Design: Amy Meijer
Lithography: Alex Feenstra
Printing: Pantheon Drukkers
Binding: Josuma Grafische Afwerking

Edition: 150 copies in a one-time edition (signed & numbered)
Size157 x 240 x 13 mm
Pages: 136
Cover: soft cover with separate transparent dust jacket

Price: € 40,00
Shipping cost: € 5,00 (Netherlands)




From childhood I have always felt melancholic. I’ve always had the desire to disappear, to dissolve into the fog. I want to let life pass me by, without intervening.

My self-portraits and nature images help me to express what I cannot express with words.

The images create a world that lies between the world we see and the world we feel. An in-between world. That feels recognizable, yet where you still wonder what lies behind the shadows.

The images represent a struggle between movement and stillness. A cycle that goes on forever.