Rooting bij Cara Louwman en Yuen Yee Li

Prijs van het boek:
All books are priced according to an ‘early bird’ construction
Books #001-150 € 65.00
Books #151-250 € 85.00
Books #251-365 € 115.00

Limited edition of 365
Books are signed and numbered
Hardcover with blind debossed front and back cover
W 220 mm x H 272 mm x D 26 mm
408 pages – Maxioffset 70 grams
Dutch, Chinese, English
The book has no ends and no beginnings. It can be read front to back, and back to front.

Special Collections Rijksmuseum
Winner category series at Siena Creative Photo Awards 2020
Book Photographer of the Year at Moscow International Foto Awards 2020
Gold in category Book – Fine Art at Moscow International Foto Awards 2020

Korte omschrijving van mijn werk:
In the book ROOTING, Cara and Yuen Yee (two sisters-in-law), a photographer and calligraphist, embarked on a journey to investigate their relationship with their ancestors and how to bring their family histories into their own lives.

Cara’s personal research was sparked by the heirlooms in her Dutch family. Working with these and other artefacts resulted in a kind of playing with her ancestors, a way to connect with the people who are no longer here.

For Yuen Yee the question was how to connect to both her Hong Kong-Chinese roots and her Dutch adopted roots without denying either. Because Yuen Yee did not have any heirlooms to work with, her research took her along oral family histories and family and public documents.

Cara and Yuen Yee are also family. This photo series is therefore not about two separate processes of rooting and becoming roots. That is why, next to their own way of bringing their roots to the lived present, they interpreted each other’s work: Cara by photographing Yuen Yee’s family photographs, and Yuen Yee by interpreting Cara’s work through words. Through their bond, they give rise to the merging of families, the inoculation of roots, fortifying them. Doing so they recognized how they embody their ancestors, forging a living connection with the people who came before them.

Cara and Yuen Yee are proud that the book ROOTING is now part of the Special Collections of the Rijksmuseum, and thus part of our collective roots and history, accessible to everyone.

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