Sister Love

Sister Love is a story about Loss, memory, connection en sisters, and is made after the suïcide of my dear sister in 2015. For years, she dealt with heavy depressions and life was getting too hard for her. Hopelessness caused finally this act of desperation. After her death, I felt the need of making a memory and so creating was for me a way of dealing with the grief. With images I am looking for emotion and memories of our relation and the past. Details from pictures of our childhood are enlarged to make a personal reference. These fragments of the past are combined with new images which have an association with the memory. The Suisse landscape of our joint youth is a recurring and recognizable element in Sister Love.

Beside de book there is also an installation at the Museum of the spirit which includes photograph’s, objects and two video’s. The book gives in his printing form a different and additional experience.

The book has several special details like different sorts of paper, a metallic cover, extra quires in different size and paper and the images of my sister have a varnish layer.

By: Jantien de Bruin
Book title:
Sister Love

Price: € 38, –
Edition: 500
Number of pages: 112
Size: 20×27

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