The Rustle of Touch

First there was Ellen Korth’s ‘Fabric of Time’. A big sensuous experience. Photo’s of old underware and lingerie from famous collections printed on huge ultra thin semi transparant paper. Stitched together Japanese style, rolled up and put in a large carton box with debossed type.

The book concept however restricted the selection of photo’s dramatically. And although I think we were all proud of the result. Still there were a lot of images and stories unused.

That’s why Ellen decided that a second publication was warranted. As we didn’t want to compete with The Fabric of Time it needed to be simpeler. A catalogue of sorts. Classical in a way and room for quite a few essays. So here it is: The Rustle of Touch. Pretty classical indeed with a few extra’s. The cover is only printed with lacquer. Two original hand made prints are bound in the front. And the carton slipcase is all over covered with crumpled thin paper to add a sense of textile texture. Courtesy of binder Wytze Fopma.

Production team: Wilco Art Books, FopmaWier Binding, Jos Morree Fine Books, Colour&Books Lithography,  Bookdesign –SYB-

The Rustle of Touch ( 2020)
Measure 17,5 x 23 cm – 174 pages
Paper –  Arctic Volume 150 gram
Edition -200
100 English -100 German
each book with 2 unique prints
signed und numbered
Photography – Ellen Korth
Design – SYB-
Lithography –  Colour and Books
Printing – Jos Morree Fine Books
Bookbinder – FopmaWier
ISBN Engels –     978-94-6323-899-1
ISBN German –  978-94-6823-910-3
Price – € 95,-


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