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It is not about letting go, but about holding on in a different manner

My work is about evanescence, change & life. In my book, ….Tocht, I look at the cycle of life in a contemplative and investigative manner. I try to convert old presumptions and fixed habits into a new perspective. It is not about letting go but about holding on to things in a different manner.

What did you enjoy the most about making this book?

The road towards it. The creation of my images does not stop at the moment I make the photograph. By printing both digitally and analogue on, amongs other things, fragile and imperfect materials I try to seduce myself into making new interpretations. Furthermore, holding the image in my hands and processing it gives me more connection with what I want to say. By making a book out of it I hope to give the viewer a bit of the experience of holding it and a bit of the tranquility to look at it for longer.

My story in images lended itself to be published as a book

I started to look at the possibilities of making, with affordable means, a tactile book. This shows in the choice of paper and the separate elements that I’ve added later. Those make it a personal book. On its own, with occasional help from outside, it became a beautiful book to my liking.

How do you see this book in the bigger frame of your work?

The book was the end result of a process but the beginning of my cooperation with Self Publishers United. This inspired me to work on my second book. It will complement my exhibition ‘A.Void‘ with the art collective Zwerm, which will take place 6 to 28 September in NDSM – Fuse.

Photographer: Colette Raaijmakers
Design: Colette Raaijmakers with feedback Fotoacademie
Prepare for print: WOLFRA.AM
Text: Colette Raaijmakers
Print: Raddraaier B.V digitaal
Binding: Rinus Hennick Cahiersteek
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough 120 gram
Size: A5

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