The Spud nr. 4 Solanum Tuberosum


The Spud Nr.4

Solanum Tuberosum

Photography and text: Ellen Mandemaker
Graphic Design: Studio Wouter van Tilborg
Size: 12 x 17 cm
Pages: 56
Paper: Munken lynx and Paper wise Agri-waste
Binding: stitched
Printing: van der Eems, Friesland
Edition: 600
Year: 2023
Price: € 15,00
Shipping Costs: € 4,60



Solanum Tuberosum is the latin name for potato and the titel of the fourth issue of the Spud.
A botanical issue that also focuses on other parts of the potato plant, than it’s illustrious tuber,
such as the roots, the leaves and the flowers. And a sidestep to the sweet potato,
in which she shows off her wonderful body in an intimate performance.

The Spud is a magazine about and with the potato published by Ellen Mandenmaker
It is based on the artist’s findings after years of in-depth research into this sandy brown tuber.
The Spud operates at the intersection of magazine and artist’s publication.
Appearing irregularly, each issue may vary greatly in shape and size.