The Spud potat -O- color


Title: The Spud Nr. 2
Photography: Ellen Mandemaker
Publishing date: 2022
Language: English
Photography and text: Ellen Mandemaker
Graphic design: Studio Wouter van Tilburg

Edition: 400 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 170 mm x 230 mm
Pages: 48
soft cover
Binding: stitched

Price: € 16,50
Shipping cost: € 4,60 (Netherlands)




The Spud potat -O- color

The Spud is a magazine about and with the potato.

It is based on the artist’s findings after years of in-depth research into this sandy brown tuber.

The Spud operates at the intersection of magazine and artist’s publication.

The Spud Nr.2 potat -O- color brings together the love for abstract art and the potato. It’s an issue about experimenting and looking, about color, about background that becomes foreground, about abstraction and association and about how to keep a potato upright, balancing on a pebble.


The Spud Nr.2
potat -O- color

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