God’s Allies revisited


Title: God’s Allies revisited
Photographer: Hans Bol
Publishing date: September 2019
Text: Hans Bol
Language: English, Dutch

Design: Margot Wolters, Hans Bol
Lithography: Robstolk
Printing: Robstolk
Binding: Liesbeth Visser / Brown Cartonnages

Edition: 500 copies in a one-time edition
Size: 210 x 150 x 8 mm
Pages: 68
Cover: softcover
ISBN: 978-90-808767-7-4

Price: €27,00
Shipping cost: €5 (Netherlands)




In God’s Allies revisited, Hans Bol concerns himself with re-interpreting and re-printing negatives from his archive that formed the basis of the first series that led to God’s Allies (published in 2018, design Willem van Zoetendaal).

The silver-gelatin prints that form the basis of God’s Allies revisited are small, intimate, silver-gelatin prints in which the photographer searches for a gloomy palette and a more mysterious and mystifying interpretation of the crow/raven.