On my Doorstep


Title: On my Doorstep
Photography: Hans Bol
Publishing date: September 2022
Text: Introduction Hans Bol | Notes Tijs Goldschmidt
Language: English and Dutch

Design: Hans Bol
Printing: printed in duotone on Takeo 52gsm paper
Binding: Japanese binding and comes with a dustjacket
Publisher: Recto Verso Publications (self-published)

Edition: 700 copies
Pages: 112, 109 ills | BW
Cover: softcover
ISBN: 978-90-808767-8-1

Price: € 63,00
Shipping cost: € 7,25 (Netherlands)




In early 2020 I began working on what would become On My Doorstep. By concentrating on a smaller area of the Ooijpolder than I did before and by spending a lot of time exploring and observing  the landscape, a strong feeling of intimacy developed. I moved about mainly by bicycle and foot, in order to slow down, always a small camera at hand, taking photographs inspired by amazement or chance rather than any preconceived plan.

I have lived here for 30+ years; the word that always comes to mind is rooted; the sounds, scents, temperatures, people, light, animals, trees, wind. It’s the place where I feel at my best – my biotope; it’s in fact about the significance of the concept of home.

On My Doorstep has been enriched with a text written by Dutch behavioral biologist Tijs Goldschmidt. He has reflected on the landscape in words, as I have in photographs; the result is his Notes that appear in this publication. 

The title was inspired by the work of the American photographer Paul Strand; Strand’s The World On My Doorstep was published in 1994. His doorstep was literally the world at large. My doorstep – between 2020 and 2022 – was limited by necessity to a few kilometres around my house.

The Limited Edition (35 copies + 2 AP’s) comes in a handmade box (17,3×25,3cm) containing a signed | numbered book and a handmade, signed | numbered silver gelatin print (papersize: 16,4 x 24,7cm; imagesize: 10,7 x 21,4cm). The print has been signed in verso.

REGULAR EDITION – €63 (incl. 9% VAT)

LIMITED EDITION – €400 (incl. 9% VAT)