On the beauty of imperfection and coincidence


Title: On the beauty of imperfection and coincidence
Photographer: Hans Bol
Publishing date: September 2022

Handmade artist book

Edition: 33 copies + 2 A.P. in a one-time edition, numbered & signed and comes with two correspondingly numbered & signed pigment prints on Washi paper (image size 90 x135 mm).
Size: 205 x 305 mm
 20+ pages minimum, is hand-bound and comes in an elegant, black box that has the title embossed on the cover (Brown Cartonnages, Arnhem).
Cover: the cover shows the title in hotfoil and comes in 3 colors (blue, green, brown) and A.P. in violet (not for sale).

Price: €375,00 (incl. shipping costs in The Netherlands)




Every single book has been put together by hand, each page has been chosen one by one. The book shows various photographs of crows, most of them being printed fully coincidental and multi-layered, this being the result of using left-over testprints when off-set printing my second crow-book (‘God’s Allies revisited’ – 2019). The result is an intriguing little book full of beautiful surprises, each copy being a unique one. I’m a strong believer in coincidence and serendipity.